Control the Controllable

Most of us grow up having a vision of what our life will look like one day. It looks a little different for everyone, but for most it includes landing a dream job, getting married, and having a family. Regardless of what it looks like, one thing is true for everyone – we think we […]

Take Action

As we think about achieving desired goals, it can be difficult to determine the elements we have control over to turn a dream into reality.   It is the million dollar question: how do we get from point A to point B?  In his book, “God in Me”, Greg Amundson addresses this exact question. “Rise […]

Find the Essential Theme of Your Life

We live in a world where it’s easy to get pulled in lots of different directions. Everything is labeled as important when in reality so much of what we focus our time on makes no difference, in the grand scheme of things. It becomes easy to confuse being busy with being successful. Just being busy […]

Making Time for Us

It is safe to say that most people count their family as the most important people in their lives. When anything is even slightly off with one of those relationships, life feels off balance. For instance, if my wife and I aren’t in sync, I feel like I can’t be the best dad for my […]

A More Meaningful Morning Routine

What we do in the first hour we are awake sets the tone for the day ahead. If that first hour is filled with the familiar hustle of getting kids out the door, you may be cringing. But a simple morning routine can shift us from reactive to proactive. A proactive approach will increase our […]