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How to Create a Culture of Growth and
Wellness so Your Whole Family can Thrive


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What is the point in having “success” when
you have no one to share it with?


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Breath Practice

Need a break from your racing mind and non-stop to-do list? Here Cole will lead you in a 15-minute breath and visualization practice that will calm your mind and connect you to what matters most. You’ll want to come back to this practice again and again – it’s that powerful!


Bonus 2

Time Conversation w/ Jake and Cole

Time is one of the most challenging parenting hurdles – there is never enough time! Here Jake and Cole share the ways they struggled against time and overcame those challenges to turn time into their friend. Decide what tips and tricks will work for you!


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You’ll want a copy of Total Potential available whenever, wherever as you make the work come to life. Your free digital copy is here to be your guide every step of the way!


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A PDF questionnaire/exercise

Bringing awareness to your strengths and opportunities, both individually and as a family, is the fastest way to make meaningful change. Quickly identify what’s working and what’s not to begin creating the life you’ve always wanted.


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PDF Journal
Throughout Total Potential you’ll ask yourself powerful questions, better questions, that give you the answers you’ve been looking for! Your personal journal will allow you to not only consider these questions but to see your truest answers with your own eyes.







The Parenting with Resilience webinar is a 1-hour long session. Whether it is the little fires we put out on a daily basis or true hardship, the Parenting with Resilience webinar will teach you 4 easy steps to regulate your stress response, keep positivity high, and activate problem-solving skills to tackle any challenge that comes your way.

You might not like to hear this but…

Traditional self-development just isn’t cutting it nowadays.

As a matter of fact, it’s harming more people than it’s helping.

The majority of self-help literature, gurus, and coaches love to talk about working hard on yourself to achieve vague success – such as having your “dream home, car, and life” – so you can help your loved ones live a better life.

But the sad thing is, those same sources tell you to behave in a way that isolates you from your family.

You’re not there at the dinner table because your coach told you to exercise in the gym for at least 3 hours a day.

Hell, you never even spend time with them after all those things because you’ve got hours of meditation and journaling practices to go through!

You eat different meals than your family because your same coach told you to prepare and eat foods that your kids wouldn’t like.

By the time you achieve that success you were chasing, your loved ones barely know you anymore.

You have become a stranger that simply lives under the same roof.

What is the point in having “success” when you have no one to share it with?

It’s a tragic reality for a lot of people right now, but there is another solution!

A solution where you and your family can grow physically, mentally, and spiritually, and do it together.
This way, you not only achieve a higher level of personal development, but you strengthen your family relationships at the same time!
So, the big, burning question is, how do you do this?

Allow us, siblings Cole Berschback and Jake Taylor, to show you the exact blueprint to follow in our brand new book…

Introducing “Total Potential – How to Create a Culture of Growth and Wellness so your Whole Family can Thrive.”

Family is one of, if not the most important thing in this life.

It’s our family that helped Cole survive and thrive after a life-threatening car accident.

It was family that helped Jake find himself after retiring from his professional hockey career.

And it’s your family that can help you to become more self-developed, and see more success and happiness than you ever would by yourself.

Our new book will provide you with the tools you and your partner need to live a purpose-filled, growth-oriented, and family-focused life.

You can expect to learn:

A Message From Cole…

The strategies and information we share in this book have already helped us and many other families worldwide to live more impactful, meaningful lives of growth.

Now we want that same information in your hands so it can do the same for you and your loved ones.

Because let me tell you…there is nothing better than seeing yourself, your spouse, and your kids become the people they’ve always wanted to be.

Just click the button below to order your copy of Total Potential today and start forging a better life for yourself and your family.

Jake and I cannot wait to see your SUCCESS!

-Cole Berschback

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About the Authors

Cole Berschback and Jake Taylor are on a mission to help families to cultivate wellness and mastery in every area of life.

Cole is a registered dietitian, certified yoga instructor, and now a certified Unbeatable Mind Coach.

Jake is a former professional hockey player, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, and is constantly pushing the limits of what’s possible with faith and physical tenacity.

Together with their company Total Potential, both siblings hope to inspire parents worldwide to level up their self-development and create an amazing, fulfilling life for their whole family.


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