A More Meaningful Morning Routine

What we do in the first hour we are awake sets the tone for the day ahead. If that first hour is filled with the familiar hustle of getting kids out the door, you may be cringing. But a simple morning routine can shift us from reactive to proactive. A proactive approach will increase our chances of success in day-to-day life. In fact, many successful people swear by their morning routines. But how do we fit in a morning routine on top of our usual responsibilities? Instead of trying to figure out a way to incorporate this around our kids’ schedule, consider sharing the experience with them. Use it as a teaching opportunity to set them on a successful path while also creating a very special bond between you.

How to Start

So how exactly can we get started? Find something motivating for the kids: make it part of the chore list that kids earn money for, invite each kid individually to spend one-on-one time doing the routine, or build a routine into breakfast time.  This will look different for each family, but three points will build the routine successfully.  Move, breath, and pray.  The movement is easy as all kids love to play hockey, ride their bike or dance.  Then take time to breathe and say a prayer or be silent.  The breath portion can be a simple 10 count of deep breaths.  The prayer (or silence) can be a quick word of gratitude, a hope or wish for the family, or a quiet minute to picture a great day ahead.  Each component is completely customizable.

Build the Bond

This routine is an amazing opportunity to build a special bond between us and our children.  It is intentional time together that our kids can look forward to daily.  Seeing our kids build tools that are proven skills for success gives us as parents great energy and purpose.  Equipping kids with a routine they can use over their lifetime to control their minds and find calm is an unbelievable way to be a leader in our families and a pure expression of love.

Start thinking of how a more meaningful morning routine can fit into family life. Get your kids involved and get them excited about it. Soon enough you’ll all be reaping the rewards.

Picture of Jake Taylor

Jake Taylor

Jake is a husband and dad of two. He thrives on physical challenges, is an avid reader, is committed to seeking full human potential, is a man of deep faith, and strives to serve others. He is a CrossFit-L1 Trainer.