Are You Ready to Find Your Total Potential?

Not just the list of things you are “supposed to do” to “have it all.” We are talking about a life of balance, fulfillment, and deep connection. At Total Potential, we believe in real-life solutions built around family. We believe that loving and integrated families will change the world!

We begin by doing deep personal work so that the best version of ourselves can create a happy, healthy, and connected marriage and a fun, peaceful, and loving family life. 

Experts, including psychologists, occupational therapists, educators, and more, share resources and tools across the spectrum of personal development, marriage, and family life. Jake and Cole share their expertise in physical wellness and nutrition, as well as experience and hard-earned lessons from navigating this dynamic journey.


The mission of Total Potential is to help families cultivate a culture of wellness and mastery that informs every area of life. We begin with personal development that can be translated into happier and healthier marriages and more connected families. Total Potential supports the growth and connection of a fulfilling family life

Here we are real. Here we grow. Because we are better together.


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