Ab Burner

Strength builds core to extremity. As we cultivate total body strength, the abdominals are critical to integration, balance, and power. Let’s let them burn a bit today.

Ab Burner

5 Rounds:

  • 1 minute Plank
  • 30 Mountain Climbers
  • 1 minute Rest

Fun for Kids:

Use storytelling to tell a tale of what obstacle ahead has you stopped to hold the plank, then how you overcame it to quickly trek ahead with mountain climbers, and then where you are going to rest for the night before beginning again for the next day (next round).

Picture of Jake Taylor

Jake Taylor

Jake is a husband and dad of two. He thrives on physical challenges, is an avid reader, is committed to seeking full human potential, is a man of deep faith, and strives to serve others. He is a CrossFit-L1 Trainer.