Helping Kids Navigate Transitions

As adults, we know how our world can be rocked by changes big and small.  Helping kids navigate these changes is not always black and white.  Our children bring their own personalities and understanding to situations that make their reactions different than our own.  Fortunately, Dr. Angela Axelrod has many insights on helping kids navigate transitions big and small. 

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Helping Kids Navigate the Transitions of Life

Our children experience simple transitions like the move from elementary school to junior high or moving neighborhoods.  They also experience huge transitions like the loss of a close family member or divorce.  Inevitably, each child will react differently – different from parents and other siblings.  Appropriately handling a child’s reaction can be challenging.  Dr. Axelrod, a School Psychologist, offers simple advice on handling these situations effectively.

Picture of Dr. Angela Axelrod

Dr. Angela Axelrod

Angela Axelrod is the Pupil Services Director and School Psychologist for the Augusta School District in Augusta, Wisconsin. Angela also holds a license for private practice in school psychology and is an adjunct faculty member at UWEC in the Department of Psychology and Department of Special Education. Angela earned her B.S. in Psychology from Iowa State University and her Ed.S. and Ph.D in Educational Psychology from Indiana University. Angela grew up in Des Monies, Iowa and currently lives in Eau Claire, Wisconsin with her husband and two school-age sons. She has practiced school psychology in districts in Iowa, Nebraska, and Wisconsin.