The Mom Fitness Train

Is it just me or is staying and getting fit as a mom like riding a train that goes off the rails and takes off on rollercoaster tracks?  OMG.  Self-care is hard-earned for moms and it’s been no different for me.

Listen in…

The most critical aspects of getting this train back on the rails were:

  1. Having a background in athletics which acted as a trail marker to get back to fitness.  I knew how it felt to have strength and stamina for years before I lost it.
  2. Looking a certain way wasn’t a big enought reason to move. Having a bigger WHY was the only way I could connect to a daily practice of wellness.
  3. Developing a system that was function in real-life was a crucial step.  Movement had to be:
    1. Transportable – home, hotel, outside, anywhere
    2. Functional – address the body head to toe
    3. Time sensitive – getting after it in an efficient way
Picture of Cole Bershback

Cole Bershback

Cole is a wife and mom of three. As a Registered Dietitian, certified yoga instructor, and Unbeatable Mind Coach, she has committed her life to wellness and the pursuit of our highest potential. If grit and love had a child, it would be Cole Bershback.