Upper Body & Core

This workout alternates between the upper body and core.  Feel the strength in your shoulders, chest, and triceps followed by front-to-back core work. Here we go.

Upper Body & Core

12 Minutes – aim for as many rounds as possible of:

  • 10 push-ups
  • 10 sit-ups
  • 20 bent T-ups
  • 10 supermans

Fun for Kids:

Create a superhero mantra for each move.  For example, push-ups might be “we’ve got this”, sit-ups can be “tough to the core”, bent-t ups could be “spread those wings and fly”, and supermans can be something silly like “on our way to save the day.”  Have fun.  The more laughter, the better – your abs will agree!

Before beginning this or any other fitness program, please consult your physician. The user assumes all risk or injury in the use of this program. The health, fitness, and nutritional information provided on this site is for educational purposes and should not replace the recommendations of your health care providers. If you begin to experience pain, shortness of breath, or become light-headed during this exercise, please stop immediately, and if you think you are experiencing a medical emergency, seek immediate medical attention.

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Jake Taylor

Jake is a husband and dad of two. He thrives on physical challenges, is an avid reader, is committed to seeking full human potential, is a man of deep faith, and strives to serve others. He is a CrossFit-L1 Trainer.