The Gift of Darkness

When darkness descends, it can be consuming, all-encompassing.  It doesn’t take long for fear, anxiety, and uncertainty to dominate our thoughts and infiltrate our actions.  And yet, the human experience of traversing darkness often leads to great light.  Maybe not today, maybe not this year.  Sometimes the arch of finding the goodness that pain and discomfort offer is long.  Sitting in darkness leaves us with one of two options.  Stay there, dwelling in darkness or find the way out.  The path out isn’t easy – often the scariest part of the whole journey is confronting ourselves, who we really are, and who we really want to be.  But that is the gift of darkness.  The opportunity to find the light, the best of who we are inside.

For some that darkness will be great whether that’s because of illness, financial insecurity, loss, or disconnectedness.  Under any dark cloud, many will hear the voice inside that is calling us to find a way out.  Not to get out of experiencing reality, but a call to embrace discomfort as an opportunity to do the work and follow a path that leads to light.  A call to embrace the gift of darkness.

Picture of Jake & Cole

Jake & Cole

Sibling founders of Total Potential, Jake and Cole, are on a mission to make family life the most vibrant and important place to grow and thrive. Like most siblings, these two are equally similar as they are different. Think yoga and jiu-jitsu, yin and yang - that is Cole and Jake in a nutshell.