Growing as a Husband and Father

“Good. Fine. Busy.” Could these words be your response to how you, your family, and your job are? Distant, disconnected? Well, our guest Larry Hagner hears a lot of that. Here he shares lessons hard-earned as an imperfect man committed to learning and growing as a husband and father.

Larry founded The Dad Edge – his podcast and mastermind group – to help men ready to create a legendary marriage and epic connection with their kids. Ready to have that in your life?

Listen in…

Meet Larry Hagner
Larry Hagner Photo

Larry Hagner is the creator of The Dad Edge Podcast. Featured as one of the top dad podcasts on iTunes, the show has over 5 million downloads. He has featured some of the most elite humans on the planet. Larry is the bestselling author of two books. He shares four amazing sons with his awesome wife, Jessica.

To learn more about The Dad Edge Podcast, Alliance, workshops, and more, click here.

Picture of Jake & Cole

Jake & Cole

Sibling founders of Total Potential, Jake and Cole, are on a mission to make family life the most vibrant and important place to grow and thrive. Like most siblings, these two are equally similar as they are different. Think yoga and jiu-jitsu, yin and yang - that is Cole and Jake in a nutshell.