Mental Toughness for Families

What if your family was capable of weathering any storm? Resilient. Strong. Flexible. How might that create a whole new reality for you? Here Dr. Lara Pence shares insights from her new book, co-authored with Joe De Sena, 10 Rules for Resilience: Mental Toughness for Families. Let the light bulb moments begin!

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Meet Dr. Lara Pence

Dr. Lara Pence holds a Doctorate Degree in Psychology (PsyD) and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). She owns a private practice in Fort Collins, CO, working with individuals and couples with an active and no-nonsense therapeutic approach. She has run both parent and adolescent groups and workshops to help family systems become healthier and more resilient. Dr. Pence is the founder of LIGHFBOX, a company that builds internal resilience through guided practice, challenging questions, and relentless self-exploration. She is also the Chief Mind Doc of Spartan Race and co-author of the book, 10 Rules for Resilience: Mental Toughness for Families. She has been featured in various publications, media outlets, and podcasts, including Good Morning America, the BBC, Glamour, Vogue, WebMD, Psychology Today, and Huffington Post.

Find Dr. Pence on her website, on Instagram @drlarapence, and @lighfbox.

Picture of Jake & Cole

Jake & Cole

Sibling founders of Total Potential, Jake and Cole, are on a mission to make family life the most vibrant and important place to grow and thrive. Like most siblings, these two are equally similar as they are different. Think yoga and jiu-jitsu, yin and yang - that is Cole and Jake in a nutshell.