Breaking Diet Rules

The dieting culture has done us exactly zero favors – creating strange food relationships, constant restriction, and mixed messages galore. Here, Dietitian Karina Nava shares her simple no-diet approach to breaking diet rules, living simply, and getting results that matter.

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Breaking Diet Rules

Meet Karina Nava, RD

Karina is a Registered Dietitian based in Southern California who helps patients develop a healthy relationship with food. She began her career as a Registered Dietitian in 2016, working at a pediatric wellness center, educating families on nutrition. After that, Karina worked as a Cigna Health Coach for the employee wellness program at the Disneyland Resort. Most recently, she worked at a community health center where she provided nutrition education to patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and elevated cholesterol.

In May of 2020, Karina launched her virtual private practice. She offers one-on-one nutrition counseling, group cooking classes, workshops, and speaking engagements. Karina uses a non-diet and holistic approach to health by addressing the whole person – physically, mentally, and emotionally. She focuses on evidence-based nutrition principles to teach her patients about healthy eating so that they can trust themselves around food and move away from chronic dieting and disordered eating patterns. Her goal is to help patients learn to nourish their bodies and not feel stressed around food.

Instagram: @karina.nutrition

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Cole Bershback

Cole is a wife and mom of three. As a Registered Dietitian, certified yoga instructor, and Unbeatable Mind Coach, she has committed her life to wellness and the pursuit of our highest potential. If grit and love had a child, it would be Cole Bershback.