Learning from the School of Grit

Ever wondered what you’re really made of? Have you asked yourself what might be possible if you dug just a little deeper? Today’s guest, Brad Ritter, asked himself those questions and then set out to find the answer. In his new book, School of Grit, he shares hard-earned lessons from the toughest civilian training in the world.

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Meet Brad

Brad Ritter is a Certified and Licensed Unbeatable Mind Coach, a graduate of KOKORO 38, and Head Coach with the Dad’s Edge Alliance. He is the author of School of Grit. Find him at brad@schoolofgrit.org and School of Grit.

Brad Ritter, School of Grit author
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Jake & Cole

Sibling founders of Total Potential, Jake and Cole, are on a mission to make family life the most vibrant and important place to grow and thrive. Like most siblings, these two are equally similar as they are different. Think yoga and jiu-jitsu, yin and yang - that is Cole and Jake in a nutshell.