Live an Unshakeable Life

Hers is a heroic story. Jessie is the epitome of fierce grace. She left a life of abuse and trauma to create a life full of strength and power. She is full of fire, wisdom, forgiveness, and light. This mother’s journey will inspire you to remember who you are and let your life tell a story you have authored. Jessie shares how you can live an unshakeable life by starting with you!

Hear her hard-earned lessons on forgiveness, how to recognize the courage that lives inside, and parenting like the adult you hope your kids will become.

Listen in.

Live an Unshakeable Life

Meet Jessie Torres

Jessie Torres has a passionate love for humanity and a burning desire to end suffering.

First and foremost, as a mom, she leads her team of three children to seek and expand their limitations. To successfully have them see the gift and beauty in their own Spirit so that they can help awaken others in their unique way.

Her journey has been one of child abuse, the loss of a brother to murder, and a marriage that left her completely apathetic, emotionless, and spiritually dead. As someone who has lived with fear every day, she knows that small steps are big steps. She helps clients find the courage to realize their full potential and live the big life of their dreams. 

She is the founder of FierceGrace Transformation, a program designed to Awaken the Spirit and Unleash Human Potential and Destiny. As a High-Performance Coach, Author, Speaker, and Transformational Leader, she has thousands of hours of coaching people worldwide.

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