End Diet Sabotage

Is your relationship with food one of shame, internal battles, and self-sabotage? Our guest, Registered Dietitian Gina Worful, shares how to get off the diet hamster wheel and into the health and wellness you (and your body) desire. It’s time to end diet sabotage by tuning into the messages of our bodies and gaining awareness of food behaviors and habits.

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End Diet Sabotage

You will learn how to:

  • Recognize signs that your body is in fight or flight mode, which drives food and sugar-seeking behavior.
  • Use tools to tap into the information and wisdom of your body.
  • Build your deeper partner and family connections through open food and nutrition questions and conversations.
  • Gain awareness of your food and nutrition behaviors and patterns to shift your health and sense of wellbeing completely.

Meet Gina Worful

Gina is nationally recognized as the go-to authority for mastering the mind to achieve health goals. Gina sheds light on the humorous real-life struggles in pursuing health and pairs them with proven strategies to overcome self-sabotaging behaviors.

She is also a registered dietitian and master of human nutrition. After years of health struggles, Gina became passionate about teaching people how to know their bodies from the inside out.

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Instagram: @gina.worful