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There are inputs everywhere: through our senses, our environment, technology, relationships, and so much more. Our systems must learn how to navigate and respond to these inputs that have become nearly constant. For our children, this process is especially dynamic as their nervous systems load and respond to new and evolving inputs. Here we learn from Functional Medicine Practitioner Victoria Fenton how children experience sensory input and challenges that can arise as they integrate and grow.

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Meet Victoria Fenton

Victoria is a Functional and Performance Medicine Consultant, Human Design and Gene Keys expert, and Transformational Master Coach. She has been in the world of personal development and healthcare for almost 20 years, training with some of the world’s most exceptional doctors and spiritual teachers.

Today, Victoria bridges the worlds of science and spirituality, offering truly holistic support for individuals to heal from suffering.

Victoria also trains holistic coaches as part of her professional mission to create empowered, self-aware, multi-skilled healers who can aid in the resolution of suffering for others.

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