Conscious Birthing

If you are contemplating having children or are in the process of growing your family, this conversation is a must-listen! Victoria Rose, a pre- and perinatal educator and birth consultant, joins us for a discussion on conscious birthing. You’ll learn how women can harness the innate wisdom of their bodies, connect with their babies before, during, and after birth, and consciously bring life into the world.

You’ll hear:

  • Simple and subtle shifts we can make to see our babies as whole beings full of conscious awareness.
  • How we can bring more awareness to our bodies. With increased awareness, we can understand what our bodies are holding on to from our past and begin to heal.
  • Ways we can allow our body to be open and receptive and reconnect to its innate wisdom to support the process of conception, pregnancy, and birth.

Listen in.

Conscious Birthing

Meet Victoria Rose

Victoria was born in Nova Scotia, Canada, and is now based in Portugal.

Victoria is a Certified Prenatal and Perinatal Educator through APPPAH (the Association of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health). She’s a Fertility and Birth Consultant, Traditional Birth Witness, a Registered Massage Therapist, and Reiki Master for Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum.

She trained and apprenticed extensively with Barbara Essman, founder and director of The Sacred Birthing School on Kauai, Hawaii, where she took Advanced Doula and Preconception trainings, Death Doula trainings, and others focused on Birthing the Next Generations.

Victoria has been deeply steeped in ancient amazonian healing traditions for nearly a decade. She took her first trip to the amazon jungle of Peru in 2016, and since then, she’s completed many “Master Plant Dieta’s” and has spent extensive periods of time learning and working alongside her teachers, who are true master healers.

Her experience in the jungle of Peru included working as a retreat facilitator at Riosbo Healing and Research Center, where the first-ever government-funded epigenetic studies are being hosted – looking at the impacts of Ayahuasca on mental health and DNA expression, specifically related to early childhood trauma.

Victoria is a living example of someone who remembers her own birth and pre- birth experiences. She concludes that we all do remember these early parts of our history.

She has a natural gift for communicating with unborn and newborn babies. Most fertility and pre- and perinatal work she does includes the unborn or pre-conceived being, as a conscious participant.

She guides adults back to transcribe the living memories of their own birth, pre-birth, conception, and even pre-conception experiences so that they can reconnect with their original essence and creative power, deeply re-imprint, and consciously re-script a new story for future generations.

Victoria works predominantly online, helping women and families around the world to harness the power of conception, pregnancy, labor, and birth as a transformative life experience. She helps couples prepare for and navigate the psycho-spiritual dimensions of these non-ordinary experiences.

Victoria teaches about the importance of protecting birth physiology in order to welcome the birth of family and lifelong love. She truly carries us out of the conversation about trauma and into the conversation about life’s innate potential.

Victoria founded Luminous Birth, which is an expression of her heart’s greatest love. Her vision authentically weaves ancient wisdom and modern science, and reverently returns birth to the Holy.

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