The Power of Grey Thinking

Between the hard edges of black-and-white thinking is a world full of possibility. Here author Sandra Wigg joins us to share insights and tools from her book, The Power of Grey Thinking: Elevate Your Perspective Elevate Your Life. We learn how grey thinking can make us more resilient, create more opportunities for learning and growth, and uncover the true potential that lies within.

Grey thinking allows us to move away from perfection and judgment – those nagging feelings of performance-based thinking. We are either “good” or “bad,” and there is nothing in between. However, as we discover here, there is a whole universe we can explore between good and bad that reveals the very best we have to offer.

“Perfection robs us of the opportunity to be risky and courageous.”

Sandra Wigg

Learn how to:

  • Support our children in becoming disciplined in the process instead of addicted to the outcome
  • Begin asking better questions of ourselves and our children to seek a greater perspective
  • Increase your experience of resilience through grey thinking

Listen in.

The Power of Grey Thinking

Meet Sandra Wigg

Sandra has been on a “full immersion” path of inner growth since 2009. She believes that when we fully take ourselves on, we learn to heal and we learn to thrive, end of story… Sandra’s life has flowed from Petroleum Geologist, full-time Mother of 3, and high-performance academic and personal performance coach to the author of The Power of Grey Thinking. Her career as a mentor and performance coach began working with student-athletes at the University of Calgary and the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Sandra developed her grey thinking concept through her work, but it was fully exposed through life-changing events in her own life.

She continues to expand her knowledge to serve others in the areas of relationships, responsibility, and fruitful living. Her passion for whole-hearted, diligent living shows up in all her relationships, especially her newest role as grandmother, a most rewarding next adventure in her life!

Sandra is energetic and committed to sharing her experience with others by showing them what’s possible. She is highly skilled at presenting practical tools and awareness around thought habits that unlock healthy perspectives. Her tools are powerful, effective, and easy to understand. She prides herself on helping others create immediate, lasting results so that all their relationships represent what they truly desire.

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