Resilience, Leadership, and Parenting

How can we help our children learn from failure, build resilience, and become excellent leaders? We model it. We do the work ourselves! Here we talk with coach and former U.S. Navy SEAL Richard Thompson about mastering ourselves in service to our most important team: our family.

Listen in.

Resilience, Leadership, and Parenting

You’ll learn how to:

  • Shift your relationship with failure – move out of fear and into constant learning
  • Model the resilience and leadership you hope to see in your children
  • Optimize the leadership you bring to the family and provide your children with opportunities to lead
  • Create an environment where your children see consciously modeled behaviors AND space to choose for themselves

Meet Richard Thompson

Since he can remember, Richard Thompson has been driven and inspired to better understand why people do what they do. Why do some succeed when others fail, and others don’t even start? These questions and a desire to serve had Richard choose the crucible of becoming a U.S. Navy SEAL to test and challenge his character and help forge his resolve and leadership skills. Becoming a Navy SEAL was transformative and enlightening and set him on a path to inspire others to experience the power and fire that lives within us. Today, Richard pursues his passion as a coach as he did as a SEAL. To be the best in the world.  

Richard has had the privilege to coach many incredible people looking to become a better version of themselves. From Professional Sports Teams in the National Hockey League (NHL) and American Hockey League (AHL), Executives, Veterans with post-traumatic stress, and many others. 

Richard is a Certified Life Coach (Life Coach School) and Master Unbeatable Mind and SEALFIT Coach applying the integration, translation, testing, and modeling of the first truly integral human performance training system. A model built over 25 years through trial and error, proven in the SEAL Teams, and taught to SEAL Candidates and professionals since 2006.

After graduating in 2003 from California State University San Marcos with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration, he moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, where he currently resides with his wife (Tania) of 20 years and their 12-year-old son (Luca).

Richard’s “Why” is to be the example he wants to see in the world and inspire others to liberate their thinking to serve them. 

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