Health and Balance Are Right Now

Any chance you feel drained and overwhelmed? Parenting and work life aren’t exactly designed to feel well-rested and ahead of the game. What if you could get back moments of balance, wellness, and health? Our guest, Alexa Schirm, founder of The Living Well, shares her journey from completely losing her health to finding health and balance right now.

Learn how to:

  • Restore your energy in small but effective ways.
  • Gain greater hormonal and energetic balance by addressing the three big players in hormones.
  • Help your body move out of conserve, hoard, and store and into energy flow and reception.
  • Shift out of the energetic focus on what’s “wrong” or “needs fixing” and into a positive and energizing state.

“The goal of balance is never perfection. All of life is a flow.”

Alexa Schirm

Listen in.

Health and Balance Are Right Now

Meet Alexa Schirm

Alexa Schirm is the founder of The Living Well. Home to the award-winning podcast Made For Living Well, space she has devoted to sharing unconventional health tips that connect the whole of you, mind, body, and soul. Alexa is a graduate of Iowa State University with a degree in nutrition but has spent countless years learning a deeper understanding that proves health is never about what you can do to your body but how you can work with your body to mobilize energy.

Today, in an industry where health is made unachievable and even unapproachable, Alexa teaches how to make health simple, proving all of us have the power to live well. Health is inside of you. Let her show you how to live that out.

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