Simplifying Family Life

Lack of time and busyness are common sources of stress for families.  Parents often reporting being on the go all day long. These time pressures likely stem from the value our society puts on achievement and productivity. Increased attention to academics, athletics, and enrichment activities has impacted many families’ lifestyles such that downtime for parents […]

Raising Grateful Children

‘Thank you’ is considered a hallmark of grateful children.  Many parents consistently prompt their children to use this phrase upon receiving a gift, a compliment, or favor. While saying ‘thank you’ is an important aspect of gratitude, gratitude is a complex experience that extends beyond using simple phrases. We also know that gratitude is associated […]

Technoference: Technology & Parenting

As parents, we monitor and control our children’s access to devices and screen time diligently.  We are less rigorous with ourselves.  We often let ourselves off the hook after a “hard day” or because of “work needs”.  But let’s not fool ourselves…our kids are watching.  When technology and parenting collide, there can be serious affects […]

No Fear: How a Growth Mindset Shapes Kids

Kids meet many challenges – big and small – but their ability to work through challenges has a lot to do with mindset.  Dr. Mary Beth Leibham shares how mindset affects our kids and how parents can foster improved mindset.  At Villeau, mindset also represents a chance for our kids to think beyond a specific […]

Screen Time Recommendations for Kids

Children and adolescents are surrounded by many technologies (e.g., television, video games, computers, internet, smartphones) and consequently, it may be unrealistic to assume they could avoid technology. Since technology is now infused in nearly all contexts (e.g., home, school, social networks), it’s important that parents understand the pros and the cons of various technologies and […]

Building Awareness: Social Emotional Learning

Many parents are concerned about their children’s academic (e.g., math, reading) achievement and have high academic expectations for their children. While these concerns are warranted given the competitive nature of college admissions, there are other skills that need to be emphasized throughout childhood, skills that are necessary for academic success as well as success in […]