Peaceful Parenting Tactics

Think back to the first few days with your first newborn baby.  All the new items from the crib to the baby swing came with detailed instructions on assembly, use, and troubleshooting.  Then, a little human entered your life, and you might have wondered where the manual for that little love was!  (Or was that […]

Five A’s of Strong Relationships

mother and daughter sharing moment of affection

Strong relationships are the backbone of family life.  Relationships that support us, guide us, help us grow, and so much more.  Whether that is with our spouse, our children, or even ourselves, it is safe to say we all wish for these relationships to be positive experiences.  However, consistently feeling confident in knowing how to […]

Breaking Down the Great Myths of Adolescence

In the new book, “The Great Myths of Adolescence” – co-authored by our guest, Dr. Mike Axelrod – the myths that have plagued teens for generations are broken down to find the truth! In this age of equality and eliminating stereotypes, it seems we have forgotten to consider a younger generation!  The stereotypes of teens […]

Positive Parent-Child Interactions

We all desire to raise great kids who know they are loved.  Improving relationships with our children and regularly having positive parent-child interactions doesn’t have to be complicated. In this podcast, Dr. Michael Axelrod shares his simple tips for building healthy parent-child relationships.  In his discussion with Cole, Dr. Axelrod outlines a concept he calls […]

Discipline That Works

All parents wonder about effective discipline for their children regardless of age. However, disciplining older children and teens can be challenging if for no other reason than they have so much more freedom and independence from us. Dr. Mike Axelrod sat down with Cole to discuss effective discipline for older children and teens. He brings […]