A Legacy of Love

A Legacy of Love Podcast

Are you on autopilot? Just trying to make it through the day? Is “we survived” good enough, or do you want something greater? What if you could create a legacy of love? Memories of laughing, being present, sharing travel and experiences? Here, Ken Wimberly, creator of the Legacy Journal App, shares his journey of connecting […]

Three Reasons to Start Saying No

saying no

Remember when your toddler first learned the word “no”? It was adorable for a day, then decidedly not adorable. They said “no” almost reflexively yet precisely to what they didn’t want, like going to bed. Maybe it’s time we took a note from this toddler playbook. Here are the top three reasons to start saying […]

Look Back to Charge Forward

“Self-reflection is the school of wisdom.” – Baltasar Gracian Look back in order to charge forward. That is the value of reflection. This year generously taught many lessons (wink, wink). Some were not fun. Some were long overdue. However, without taking the time to truly consider how these lessons impact your life and the path […]

Simplifying Family Life

Lack of time and busyness are common sources of stress for families.  Parents often reporting being on the go all day long. These time pressures likely stem from the value our society puts on achievement and productivity. Increased attention to academics, athletics, and enrichment activities has impacted many families’ lifestyles such that downtime for parents […]