Taking Control of Fear

Fear, doubt, and uncertainty are inner foes that regularly thwart forward progress.  Fear out in the world is presented constantly in the daily news cycle and is legitimate when mass shootings have become almost common place.  But succumbing to that fear or choosing a life built around fear limits us in every way.  Fearlessness is […]

No Fear: How a Growth Mindset Shapes Kids

Kids meet many challenges – big and small – but their ability to work through challenges has a lot to do with mindset.  Dr. Mary Beth Leibham shares how mindset affects our kids and how parents can foster improved mindset.  At Villeau, mindset also represents a chance for our kids to think beyond a specific […]

Release Fear

Fear is a basic human emotion that prevents us from doing dangerous or harmful things – like shaking hands with a grizzly bear.   Fear also disguises itself as anger, anxiety, jealousy, and a bunch of other lousy emotions. Since none of these feel great, we tend to avoid fear and its friends at all […]