Run, Work, Run

Enjoy some time outside (if Mother Nature is cooperating) with this quick cardio and strength training workout.  Short sets of bodyweight exercises are a great way to keep the heart rate going while building strength.  Do your best so that you can feel great after!  Here we go… One mile run 10 Rounds of: 5 […]

Cardio with Weights

Another fast and effective exercise fitting in cardio with weights.  With a jump rope and dumbbells, you can really begin to expand your capacity. In this workout, Jake is using 50 lb. dumbbells but absolutely scale the weight appropriately (Cole does the same exercise with 10-15 lb. weights). If pistols are challenging, consider beginning with […]

Body Weight Challenge

Total body in less than 10 minutes, cardio included.  Push yourself to do your best while keeping good form.  This body weight challenge will allow you to watch your strength and stamina build. Push-up, Burpees, Air-Squats – GO! Three sets of each exercise: push-ups, burpees, and air squats. Set 1 = 21 reps Set 2 […]

Plan for Success

Have you ever noticed that when you ask someone about their day, a common answer is “it was a long day”. “Long” is usually code for feeling beat down. Instead of the grind, let’s plan for success. No Plan is No Good Most of us are reactive, and by that I mean that most people […]

When Life Shifts

The saying is “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.”  So much easier said than done.  When lift shifts in a major way, it can rock the boat in a way that makes us unsure whether or not we will make it back to shore.  I know because I’ve been there.  When I was really […]

One Change That Changed Everything

Phase 2 – I have to make a change My 32nd birthday came and I had been out of hockey for 4 years. There I was celebrating with my family and feeling disgusted with myself. I was thinking, “why do these people even want to be around me?” I had a miserable attitude, never worked […]

Self-Mastery Happens One Day at a Time

Phase 3 – Focused on the present What I have learned in the last 6 years is that the only thing that I need to focus on is now, today. Each moment is a chance to make the right choice, move one step closer to my life’s mission. I have a vivid and clear picture […]

Taking Control of Fear

Fear, doubt, and uncertainty are inner foes that regularly thwart forward progress.  Fear out in the world is presented constantly in the daily news cycle and is legitimate when mass shootings have become almost common place.  But succumbing to that fear or choosing a life built around fear limits us in every way.  Fearlessness is […]

Ab Challenge – Boat Pose

Boat pose is a great way to tone the entire core.  The balance aspect allows for constant pose tweaks that engage both small and large muscles.  This is a burner! 8 rounds: 20 sec. boat pose 10 sec. rest  

Ab Challenge – Abmats and Leg Raises

Get ready for the burn on this ab challenge.  Here we target both upper and lower abdominals with abmats and leg raises. 3 Rounds: 25 abmats 25 leg raises AbMats: start by sitting with legs making diamond shape in front of you. Touch soles of your feet together and slide sit-bones toward feet (butterfly legs). […]