When is Picky Eating More Than Picky Eating?

It can be quite common for most children to go through a stage of ‘picky eating’ or refusal of certain foods. However, if mealtime is becoming stressful or your child is beginning to consistently limit food choices, there might be something else going on. A child’s behaviors tell caregivers a lot about their eating. Some […]

Supporting Special Needs in School

Navigating the school environment for a child with needs can be challenging.  Dr. Angela Axelrod, a school psychologist, met with Cole to discuss how schools are set up to help kids with a variety of needs and how to navigate available resources.  Dr. Axelrod points out that there are eight categories of needs that schools […]

Childhood Sensory Development

Sensory processing is the first way children have to understand and experience the world around them.  When sensory processing is not going well for a child, many challenges can present themselves from picky eating to behavioral issues.  Melissa Haas, an Occupational Therapist specializing in pediatrics, met with Cole to discuss how we can promote good […]

Building Awareness: Social Emotional Learning

Many parents are concerned about their children’s academic (e.g., math, reading) achievement and have high academic expectations for their children. While these concerns are warranted given the competitive nature of college admissions, there are other skills that need to be emphasized throughout childhood, skills that are necessary for academic success as well as success in […]

Positive Eating Behaviors

Every parent experiences feeding their little ones in a different way. Things like cultural perspectives, a child’s growth, and typical family food choices are just a couple of the factors that go into how a parent experiences feeding their child. Of course, Sally next door doesn’t help when she comments on how your child eats […]