Death by Push-ups Plus Core

Today’s upper body and core combo won’t feel good in the moment. However, it will feel good to push yourself and build strength. Death by Push-ups Plus Core Part 1: Death by push-ups: Start the first minute with 5 push-ups, every minute add one push-up to your set until you can no longer complete the […]

Legs, Arms, Abs

“A warrior feeds his body well; he trains it, works on it.  Where he lacks knowledge, he studies.  But above all, he must believe.  He must believe in the strength of will, of purpose, of heart and soul.” David Gemmell As we complete today’s movement, notice the information the body provides.  Do certain movements feel […]

Cardio & Abs

Burpees simply get the job done so fast! Train strength, cardio, stamina, mindset – all of it! This workout is fast and effective so commit to working hard for one minute at a time. You’ve got this! Cardio & Abs Part 1: 6 rounds: 1 minute max burpees 1 minute rest Part 2: 100 Russian […]

Ab Challenge – Total Body Abs

This super fast workout offers total body toning and will get your heart rate up!  A complete workout on its own or the perfect addition to a run, walk, or bike.  This is total body abs! 3 Rounds: 10 alternate arm push-ups: Begin in plank position, wrists and elbows stacked below shoulders.  Lower onto left […]

Ab Challenge – Deep Core

Day two of the ab challenge brings us to the deep core muscles.  It is super transportable and easy to do ANYWHERE!  Here we focus on the transverse abdominals (the ones that go across your body left to right underneath the “6 pack abs”) and the pelvic floor.  Stay seated – it is going to […]

Ab Challenge – Boat Pose

Boat pose is a great way to tone the entire core.  The balance aspect allows for constant pose tweaks that engage both small and large muscles.  This is a burner! 8 rounds: 20 sec. boat pose 10 sec. rest  

Ab Challenge – Obliques

Welcome to day 4 of the ab challenge!  Today, we will combine 2 moves in 4 rounds to work the core while focusing on ab stability and obliques. 4 Rounds: 10 push-up to side plank (hold side plank x 10 seconds) 20 Russian twists Push-up to side plank: Begin in plank position with wrists and […]

Ab Challenge – Abmats and Leg Raises

Get ready for the burn on this ab challenge.  Here we target both upper and lower abdominals with abmats and leg raises. 3 Rounds: 25 abmats 25 leg raises AbMats: start by sitting with legs making diamond shape in front of you. Touch soles of your feet together and slide sit-bones toward feet (butterfly legs). […]

Ab Challenge – Yoga Inspired

Day 7 of the ab challenge is recovery inspired.  We have worked hard!  In less than 7 minutes, you can connect to breath, lengthen the spine, and work total core.

Ab Burner

Strength builds core to extremity. As we cultivate total body strength, the abdominals are critical to integration, balance, and power. Let’s let them burn a bit today. Ab Burner 5 Rounds: 1 minute Plank 30 Mountain Climbers 1 minute Rest Fun for Kids: Use storytelling to tell a tale of what obstacle ahead has you […]