Tropical Fruit Smoothie

Yum!  This simple tropical fruit smoothie is perfect for breakfast, lunch, snack, or post-workout (dinner too if you need something quick!).  Bursting with tropical flavors, this will be a summer fave! Tropical Fruit Smoothie Serves 4-6 Ingredients: 2 cups pineapple chunks 1 mango, peeled and sliced (frozen mango chunks are also great) 16 oz. container […]

Blueberry Avocado Muffins

Need breakfast on the run?  Looking for a grab-n-go snack that is kid-friendly?  Yes, indeed!  This recipe is so yummy that you’ll forget it has healthy ingredients.  These blueberry avocado muffins are full of fresh ingredients that the whole family will love! Blueberry Avocado Muffins Servings: 12 regular muffins or 36 mini muffins Ingredients: 2 […]