Raising Grateful Children

‘Thank you’ is considered a hallmark of grateful children.  Many parents consistently prompt their children to use this phrase upon receiving a gift, a compliment, or favor. While saying ‘thank you’ is an important aspect of gratitude, gratitude is a complex experience that extends beyond using simple phrases. We also know that gratitude is associated […]

Helping Kids Navigate Transitions

As adults, we know how our world can be rocked by changes big and small.  Helping kids navigate these changes is not always black and white.  Our children bring their own personalities and understanding to situations that make their reactions different than our own.  Fortunately, Dr. Angela Axelrod has many insights on helping kids navigate […]

Ab Challenge – Kids Core Strengthening

Our kids are super busy playing sports of all kinds but their little cores are often forgotten.  Core strength is the building block of total body strength and integrity.  When kids lack core strength they can be prone to injury, lack coordination, and have less total body power.  This super simple and functional kids exercise […]

Screen Time Recommendations for Kids

Children and adolescents are surrounded by many technologies (e.g., television, video games, computers, internet, smartphones) and consequently, it may be unrealistic to assume they could avoid technology. Since technology is now infused in nearly all contexts (e.g., home, school, social networks), it’s important that parents understand the pros and the cons of various technologies and […]

Positive Parent-Child Interactions

We all desire to raise great kids who know they are loved.  Improving relationships with our children and regularly having positive parent-child interactions doesn’t have to be complicated. In this podcast, Dr. Michael Axelrod shares his simple tips for building healthy parent-child relationships.  In his discussion with Cole, Dr. Axelrod outlines a concept he calls […]

Characteristics of a Gifted Learner

Do you ever wonder if your child is different than other children when they develop a passion for dinosaurs, or electricity, or rocks, or…and they just won’t let go of the passion? They need to know everything there is to know about the topic and even then, continue the quest for more information! Does your […]