Breath Practice

breath practice

Breath practice is a cornerstone of our personal development pathway. The practice settles the body along with the mind, emotions, and the hum of everyday life. Box Breathing has been made popular by Jake and Cole’s mentor, Mark Divine, creator of Unbeatable Mind. Box Breathing has four parts: inhale hold (breath retention) exhale hold (breath […]

Beginning Meditation

The first time I sat in meditation, it was a weird experience, to say the least. In the thick of raising babies and toddlers, I finally had the few moments to myself that I often dreamed of. Only instead of peace, I found myself a fidgety mess, wishing the whole thing would just be over […]

Calming Breath Practice

The Mother’s Breath is an all-time favorite practice to calm the mind-body system.  This calming breath practice will sooth the physiology of the body which will slow the churning of the mind. No matter what count you decide to use, the inhale will always be HALF as long as your exhale.  Some examples include: 4 […]