Strong Legs

Your legs will be barking – no doubt. Enjoy the burn. Strong Legs Set timer for 20 minutes. Every minute, on the minute, perform: Minute 1 – 12 air squats Minute 2 – 12 jumping air-squats Minute 3 – 12 skater jumps Minute 4 – 12 lunges Minute 5 – rest Repeat 4 times For […]

Total Body


Tackle this total body workout. Aim for good form and a good time! Total Body To start: 75 jumping jacks 12 rounds: 5 push-ups 5 sit-ups 5 air squats Finish: 75 jumping jacks Fun for Kids: Have parents complete each round, but only one kid per round.  Parent completes at kids’ pace only. Before beginning […]

Death by Squats

squats and lunges

Today’s workout is just like it sounds. We’re going to go until the legs have nothing left. Here we go. Death by Squats Death by air squat.  In the first minute, perform 5 air squats.  At the start of every minute, add one air squat to the set.  The workout ends when you can no […]


Head-to-toe strength is critical to living this life fully with vigor, energy, and capacity. We can build that strength with functional movements. It doesn’t take long so let’s get going! Head-to-Toe Part 1: 10 minutes with as many rounds as possible of: 30 sit-ups 20 air-squats 10 push-ups Part 2: 4 minutes: 20 second side […]