Legs, Arms, Abs

“A warrior feeds his body well; he trains it, works on it.  Where he lacks knowledge, he studies.  But above all, he must believe.  He must believe in the strength of will, of purpose, of heart and soul.” David Gemmell As we complete today’s movement, notice the information the body provides.  Do certain movements feel […]

The Mom Fitness Train

Is it just me or is staying and getting fit as a mom like riding a train that goes off the rails and takes off on rollercoaster tracks?  OMG.  Self-care is hard-earned for moms and it’s been no different for me. Listen in… The most critical aspects of getting this train back on the rails […]

Run, Work, Run

Enjoy some time outside (if Mother Nature is cooperating) with this quick cardio and strength training workout.  Short sets of bodyweight exercises are a great way to keep the heart rate going while building strength.  Do your best so that you can feel great after!  Here we go… One mile run 10 Rounds of: 5 […]

Body Weight Challenge

Total body in less than 10 minutes, cardio included.  Push yourself to do your best while keeping good form.  This body weight challenge will allow you to watch your strength and stamina build. Push-up, Burpees, Air-Squats – GO! Three sets of each exercise: push-ups, burpees, and air squats. Set 1 = 21 reps Set 2 […]

Couples Workout

Working out together is a great way to support each other in improving physical strength.  This super fast workout is not only functional but fun!  To lengthen the couples workout, perform as a set for 2-3 rounds or each move can be extended in duration. Thank you to Sheri from Prajna and her husband, Dan, […]

Quick. Real Quick.

There are so many movement practices that promote balance in our bodies.  Here, we are utilizing functional fitness movements because: We can work quick. Like real quick. They are functional – mom’s lifting kids into cars or dad’s moving the couch to find a beloved lost toy require functional strength.  Period. They are very simple […]

Ab Burner

Strength builds core to extremity. As we cultivate total body strength, the abdominals are critical to integration, balance, and power. Let’s let them burn a bit today. Ab Burner 5 Rounds: 1 minute Plank 30 Mountain Climbers 1 minute Rest Fun for Kids: Use storytelling to tell a tale of what obstacle ahead has you […]

Build Physical Strength

This is not a just a body.  The body is a vehicle for the best version of self. But in our culture of thin is everything the actual point of physical fitness is really lost. We end up falling off the self-care train for lots of reasons: new babies, injury, time constraints.  Eventually, though, we […]