The most important thing to do in wall-sits is to watch your mind and keep breathing. When the body starts to bark, take a deep breath, tell yourself “I’ve got this”, and rock it out. Wall-sits 6 Minutes: Every Minute, at the start of the minute, alternate between: 1 minute wall-sits 1 minute rest Finish […]

Burpees & Planks

“People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures.” F.M. Alexander Burpees and Planks Enjoy getting a total body workout and your heart rate up in this quick 10-minute burner! Part 1: 5 Minutes: Every minute, on the minute, perform 10 burpees. Rest the remainder of the minute. […]

Strong Legs

Your legs will be barking – no doubt. Enjoy the burn. Strong Legs Set timer for 20 minutes. Every minute, on the minute, perform: Minute 1 – 12 air squats Minute 2 – 12 jumping air-squats Minute 3 – 12 skater jumps Minute 4 – 12 lunges Minute 5 – rest Repeat 4 times For […]

Death by Push-ups Plus Core

Today’s upper body and core combo won’t feel good in the moment. However, it will feel good to push yourself and build strength. Death by Push-ups Plus Core Part 1: Death by push-ups: Start the first minute with 5 push-ups, every minute add one push-up to your set until you can no longer complete the […]

Leg Day

squats and lunges

Bring awareness to how you move.  How does the body feel when you move, after you move, and throughout the day? Start paying attention to the information the body shares with you. Leg Day 10-minute workout: Every minute, at the start of the minute, alternate performing: 20 air-squats 20 lunges (10 each leg) Fun for the kids: […]

Total Body


Tackle this total body workout. Aim for good form and a good time! Total Body To start: 75 jumping jacks 12 rounds: 5 push-ups 5 sit-ups 5 air squats Finish: 75 jumping jacks Fun for Kids: Have parents complete each round, but only one kid per round.  Parent completes at kids’ pace only. Before beginning […]

Jump Up

This is going to burn in the best way possible. Enjoy! Jump Up  100 jumping lunges Every time you take a break, perform 5 push-ups Record your total time. As you continue to build strength and stamina, this is a great workout to come back to. By recording your time, you’ll have a way to […]

Three Sets

Three quick sets to get the job done! Let’s get started. Three Sets Three movements, three sets: Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 21 Thrusters 15 Thrusters 9 Thrusters 21 Push-ups 15 Push-ups 9 Push-ups 1 minute – 2 steps forward, 2 steps back 1 minute – 2 steps forward, 2 steps back 1 minute […]

Total Core

Fun movement combo to build core stability, cardio, and glutes. Be mindful of integrating shoulders into the shoulder cuff and lift core to the sky. Here we go. Total Core 12 minutes as many rounds as possible of: 20 mountain climbers 20 donkey kicks 12 supermans Fun for Kids: The movements today are fun by […]

Sun Salutations

Perfect for a warm-up, recovery day, or before bed wind-down, this yoga practice addresses full body flexibility and stability.  If enjoying this practice alone, really focus on breathing through the nostrils only for both inhale and exhale.  Focusing on the breath while connecting to movement is a powerful way to move from external work to […]